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“FONOON is a high quality, value leader in the event production industry, founded on critical, contemporary measures of performance, cost, quality, service and systems. We are an independent company headquartered in Abu Dhabi”

Conference & Forums

Conference is our Magic. Our reliable stage control and up to date equipment list put us on the map of leading international conference makers in the UAE.

Festival & Concerts

Creative stages designs.. Wide projection flexible led panels.. Limitless creativity …

Galas & Corporate

Every event is a fancy for us.
Like Alice in wonder land. Like Fonoon for your event.

Exhibitions & Weddings

Your dream wedding, we make it true.... Two things will make it a day to remember…
You & Fonoon


  • Audio + Array Systems, Entertainment, Live Bands & DJ
  • Conference and Forums
  • Corporate, Galas, Open Days, Special Events
  • Exhibitions & Weddings
  • Festival, Concerts + Awards Nights
  • Floral & Decoration
  • Intelligent Lighting, Rigging & Stages
  • Visual Effects, Laser Shows, Holograms, Water + Fog Screens
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Videos


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    Tel: +971-2-6660708
    Fax: +9712-6661545
    E-Mail: info@fonoon.ae

    Hours of operation:
    10am - 2 pm
    5pm – 10 pm
    Saturday through Thursday

    Abou Dhabi - U.A.E
    P.O.Box 59501